Emerald Beauty - Jadeite Jewelry Showcase: Online Sale" Thank You Gifts

6 years ago

Thank you to all OGP members who have attended this event on August 27. Your attendance have contributed to the event's success and most of the 148 jadeite items have been purchased. OGP will be adding another 102 products to our online sale as a token of appreciation and to ensure that every member will have the opportunity to purchase an item. Thank you once again to all members who have attended the Jadeite Showcase!

Sale time: August 29th - September 3rd, while supplies last.
Sale Products: All jadeite are natural A jades from Myanmar. Certifications provided; re-evaluations by appraisal and evaluation associations are welcome.
Sale Description: Compared with other gems, jadeite is becoming increasingly rare due the depleting supply and high demand. It is only produced naturally in the northern parts of Myanmar. The prices skyrocket even further when handled through multiple dealers. All jewelry pieces from this event will be from the primary source, helping to lower the cost by a large fraction.

Product Catalog:
Page I
Code: 149-162
Price: 750 USD (plus tax); 5500 yuan (tax included)
Size: Up to 25 x 25 mm
Description: Myanmar A jade passepartout necklace; natural jadeite with no visible cracks
Provisions: Certificate; Receipt; Storage box

Page II-IV
Code: 163-250
Price: 750 USD (plus tax); 5500 (tax included)
Size: Please refer to the width of the finger
Description: Myanmar A jade passepartout necklace; natural jadeite with no visible cracks
Provisions: Certificate; Receipt; Storage box

Please be advised:
1. This Sale is open to members only. If you wish to make a purchase but is not yet an OPG member, please register for free at "Sign up". The registration will grant you the access to all OGP publications, including unique collectibles, networking events, and business news.
2. Price negotiations are not accepted. The sale prices are well below market price for the product quality.
3. All items are final sale, as all products are shipped directly from Myanmar. Returns are not accepted unless it is is a quality issue*. Please consider your options carefully before purchasing. (*Characteristics such as cracks, fractures, veins, dark spots, dirt colours, dirt spots, and the like are natural to jadeite, and not quality issues. The image will be used as the standard.)
4 . The sale is first come first serve as quantities are limited. Please contact the sales representative when purchasing. If the item has not been sold, the first customer paying will be the buyer.
5. All payments are done through Stripe.
6. All items will be shipped at the end of the Sale on September 3. Shipping to China will take 3-5 business days. Shipping to North America will take 5-8 business days. We will provide you the exact arrival date after your purchase.
7. All shipping is done through insured courier. Shipping is free for China and Toronto, Canada. Shipping fee to any other area will be provided upon your purchase.
8. The jadeite jewelry presented during this event are not collection grade. If you are interested in jadeite collectibles, please contact us to make an inquiry.

Thank you for participating in “Emerald Beauty - Jadeite Jewelry Showcase: Online Sale”.


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