Xijiang Moon, Quiet Night On the Way of Shu:Chinese Scholar's Rocks - Guizhou Bronze Stone

1 week ago

Feature:Chinese scholar's rocks (1*) - Guizhou Bronze Stone (2*).
Collector:Xie Libo
Source:Private collection
1* Chinese scholars' rocks, also known as scholar stones or viewing stones, are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are traditionally appreciated by Chinese scholars. Scholars rocks can be any color, and contrasting colors are not uncommon. The size of the stone can also be quite varied: scholars rocks can weigh either hundreds of pounds or less than one pound. Chinese scholar's rocks influenced the development of Korean suseok and Japanese suiseki.
2* Yelang bronze stone, also known as bronze stone, is produced in the horse farm area of the Sancha River Basin, Puding County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, as well as the Sila River, Nanpan River, Beipan River, Hongshui River, Qingshui River, Wujiang River, etc. The stone is named after its color resembles bronze. It is produced almost all over the province, but the quality produced in the horse farm is excellent. The Yelang bronze stone is hard and has a bronze color. The texture of the stone is convex and concave. The blocks, grooves and dots are naturally formed, and the composition resembles the Dunhuang murals, cliff stone carvings, or stormy clouds and stormy waves The charm, obvious patterns, simple and elegant. The shapes are in various poses, pictograms and objects, which are endlessly changing. When the Yelang copper stone was recovered, there were not many attachments on the stone, so just wash it with water.


For more information, visit Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association