Solstice Panel:A Wallpaper by Michaël Cailloux

1 week ago

Feature:Wallpaper. Where are we? Island, peninsula. The sun is at its zenith, the sand is warm, the ocean caresses the shore and is about to unveil its biggest mysteries through the Solstice panel designed by Michaël Cailloux. An abyssal music spreads leaving place to an aquatic ballet. Eyes are burning as the salt comes in contact with eyelids. Size 400 x 300 cm panel.
Status:Item is customizable
* Michaël Cailloux has been passionate about drawing since childhood. Sketching and doodling are second nature to this exceptional artist who graduated from the renown École Duperré School of Design in Paris. Michaël Cailloux is an art director at the École Supérieure d’Art Conte (Conte Art School) in Paris which specializes in design, textile and fashion. He is also co-author of the reference book “Printed Textile Design”. He crafts commission pieces for prestigious brands such as Baccarat, Cartier, Habitat, Van Cleef & Arpels or S.T. Dupont.
He imagined a new hybrid concept: meticulously sculpted and engraved copper wall jewellery. The fly, a symbol of both life and death with reference to still life paintings of the 18th century, became his trademark signature. His work won a prestigious Gravix award prize in 2015 and was featured in the book “Encore! The New Artisans” published by Thames & Hudson the same year.


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