Recommended Publications: The Essence of Collections at the China Accounting Museum

1 year ago

Recommended Publications: The Essence of Collections at the China Accounting Museum - Comprehensive Volume

Collector: Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance
Consultant: James L. Chan / Editor: Song Xiaoming, Huang Chengwei, Zhong Lingqiang
Referrer:Oh Good Party, Guo Daoyang (Director of graduate institute of Accounting at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, professor, PhD Tutor, Postdoctoral station cooperative research tutor, Chairman of the Academic Committee of the school, Deputy Director of the School Degree Committee. Also he is serving as a member of the Disciplinary Review Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and member of the Management Discipline Review Group of the National Social Science Foundation Committee, Vice President of the Chinese Accounting Association and Director of the Accounting History Professional Committee), James L. Chan (internationally renowned government accounting expert, China Ministry of Finance Government Accounting Standards Construction Consultant)

The book "The Essence of Collections at the China Accounting Museum - Comprehensive Volume" is published by Lixin Accounting Publishing House in 2015. This volume represents a ‘portable’ visual tour of a highly valued portion of the museum’s holdings, so that historians, students and scholars around the world will be able to appreciate and share in the museum’s collection consistent with the museum’s mission to support cultural exchange and awareness. The China Accounting Museum has as its mission the promotion of human achievements in the field of accounting. On the basis of its large number of historic and cultural relics collected to date, this series entitled The Essence of the Collections at the China Accounting Museum. The book preliminary research has produced a combined graphic and literary portrayal of human endeavors in accounting. This series consists of six volumes. In addition to this comprehensive volumes, the other planned volumes will cover accounting instruments, account books, deeds and receipts, financial reports, and certificates and licenses.They will be published in installments over the next several years.This modest effort in disseminating accounting history and culture, will merge with other similar efforts in extending the inquiries of accounting history far into the future.

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