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South America is the ideal place if you are looking for wondrous natural beauty as well as culture and excitement. With such a wide array of countries, each with their own unique climates and attractions, there is something for everyone to love. It is important to remember that because of its location in the Southern Hemisphere, traveling to any country in South America will take a bit of extra planning in order to visit during the ideal time.

Many of the countries in the northern and central regions of the continent experience wet and dry “seasons” rather than traditional seasons. This is important to take into consideration depending on what you want to do while taking tours of South America. Here is information on a few countries located in different regions of the continent and some considerations on when the best time to visit is.


This beautifully varied country is located right on the equator, in the northern region of the continent, and features several different climates well suited to different activities at different times of the year. The peak seasons to travel to Ecuador are June through September and December through January so if you are planning on traveling during these times (especially to the Galapagos) remember to book everything early.

If you want to visit the coastal regions, the best time to go (surprisingly) is during the rainy season, from January to May, for mild and sunny days with quick afternoon downpours. If you are looking for great hiking opportunities during your visit, anytime of the year, except the rainy season, will produce ideal


Peru’s location in the central portion of the continent, combined with its historically rich culture, makes it ideal for a wide array of different activities. Depending on what type of activities you want to do when you travel to Peru, it is important to remember that, like many other South American countries, it operates more toward wet (January through April) and dry (May through October) seasons.

For a great coastal experience, consider visiting in January when it is hot, but keep in mind the Humboldt current keeps water temperature relatively cold year round. For a great jungle or mountain experience, consider visiting directly after the rainy season from May through September for ideal weather. If you are looking to explore the Inca Trail the best time to go is April through May to avoid the crowds but still enjoy lush green scenery and clear skies.


As the largest country on the continent, Brazil is also one of the most popular, and contains a massive array of different climates to consider when planning a trip. The peak season to travel to Brazil is from the week before the Christmas holiday, until March. This period contains both New Years and the famed Carnaval celebration, which are both unique and fun but tend to be much busier and more expensive.

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, it is important to prioritize what you would like to do while you are there when considering when to go. The best times to travel will vary widely depending on whether you want to visit the Amazon, the beach or a more industrial location. Generally, however, September through October and Mid-March through May are an ideal time for weather, activities and budget.


Located in the very southern portion of the continent, the climate and activities in Argentina are much different than those of other South American countries. The summer season is December through March and is considered the peak season to travel to Argentina because all areas and attractions are open. Much of the southern portion of the country is inaccessible during the winter months due to severe inclement weather.

The best time to visit the Patagonia region is October to November because the weather is beautiful and there tend to be less crowds at attractions. If you are looking to visit Buenos Aires, the ideal time to do so is during the spring (March through May) and the fall (September through November) for both thriving weather and culture. Visit Iguazu Falls from June through August after the rain and crowds have cleared.

No matter when you go on tours of South America, you are sure to enjoy yourself. With so many different attractions, historical landmarks and cultural sights to see, the entire continent is truly a great adventure.


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