Flared Raku Bowl 5:A Raku Pottery Vase by Steven Forbes-deSoule

6 months ago

Lot No. :SF-200103
Artist:Steven Forbes-deSoule *
Overview:Contemporary art. Raku Pottery, size 9”W x 10”H. This beautiful ceramic vase was developed using the raku pottery process. As with most of raku pottery, it was first thrown on the wheel than altered. The mix of colors is truly captivating and will be a sure conversation starter. The swirling streaks and colors were formed using different proprietary glazes. You can see the “halo opal” surface on the lower section and his “space rock” surface on the top half. This vase has been water sealed with silicone, which makes it a perfect piece for flower arranging. The metallics that he most often use in the glazes are copper, silver, cobalt and chrome. They melt in the firing and leave some spectacular results. He may also use the glazes to enhance the underlying design or texture of the piece. The colors of the glaze and the crackle are dependent on the amount of reduction allowed during the raku firing and cooling.
Status:For Sale (Item is customizable)
* Steven Forbes-deSoule has been a professional ceramic artist for 35 years. For most of that time, he has focused on raku firing exclusively. He draws inspiration from the textures and colors of the mountain vistas near his home in Western North Carolina, and images of galaxies and the earth taken from outer space by satellites and the Hubble telescope. His work is featured in museum, corporate and private collections nationwide. Recently, he was selected to be part of “100 Southern Artists,” published by Schiffer Publishing Co.


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