A 52.86cts. Natural Neon Blue Paraíba Tourmaline

6 months ago

Lot No. :AAARS-PT-200121
Grade:Natural Paraíba Tourmaline (GRA), Modified brilliant, neon blue color.
Shape and Cutting Style:Cushion
Carat Weight:52.86cts.
Status:For sale
* Tourmaline belongs to a complex family of aluminum borosilicates mixed with iron, magnesium, or other various metals that, depending on the proportions of its components, may form as red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue or violet. Its prismatic, vertically striated crystals may be long and slender, or thick and columnar, and are uniquely triangular in cross-section. They often vary in coloration within a single specimen, lengthwise or in cross sections, and may be transparent or opaque. Although Tourmaline may be found on every continent, fine crystal specimens and gems are still considered rare and can be quite expensive. Its vast popularity as a gemstone began in 1876, when mineralogist and jeweler George Kunz sold a Green Tourmaline from Maine to the famous Tiffany and Co. in New York, and its desirability spread. More recently it has become a favorite of metaphysical collectors and practitioners for its versatile energy properties. Since it was discovered in the late 1980s, Paraíba tourmaline’s striking neon blues and greens have electrified the gem world. The gem’s unique, vivid coloring instantly set it apart from other tourmalines. Prices for this exotic newcomer, especially top quality in sizes between 3.00 and 5.00 carats climbed rapidly to over $10,000 per carat. No tourmaline even prized rubellite reds and chrome greens had ever achieved such heights in value. Paraíba tourmaline’s rarity undoubtedly contributes to its high prices. Paraíba tourmalines appear in a range of greenish blue, bluish green, green, blue, and violet hues. Prices for the best Paraíba tourmalines easily surpass other tourmalines due to their more attractive hues, higher color saturation, and greater rarity.


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