Recommended Literature Collection Albums: Great History · Chinese Renaissance

11 months ago

Artist: Stephan Siquan Yin
Referrer:Oh Good Party, North America Contemporary Arts & Calligraphy Association

The book “Great History·Chinese Renaissance - Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China 1949-2019” is a large literature collection album, published by the Chinese Public Culture Society's Painting and Calligraphy Art Professional Committee, the China Star Art Center's Postal Art Committee of Chinese Book and Calligraphy Newspaper, the United Post of China International Philatelic Network, the telecommunications, the coinage and other departments first published nationwide. This large literature collection album is for these Chinese artists who have made outstanding contributions to the rejuvenation of Chinese culture.

Stephan Siquan Yin, also known as Xiyi Wind, Mr. Swings, was born in Anhui, China in 1963. He is a Chinese Canadian, residing in Toronto. Mr. Yin is a Poet, Calligrapher, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Scholar and Educator. He has been member of council of North America Contemporary Arts & Calligraphy Association, Chairman of Zhonghong Academy of North America, Vice President of Hanmo International Federation, and Artist of The Three Doves.
He was the award winner of The China’s First National Youth Calligraphy Competition in 1984, joined “Anhui Provincial University Calligraphy Exhibition” in 1985, and winner of "Civilization Cup of National Penmanship Contest” in 1987. Afterwards Yin’s works have participated in a number of art exhibitions, and attracted the attention of many collectors. In 1992, He was invited to exhibit his artworks in “Huafeng Calligraphy Exhibition to Japan” . In 1993, winner of "Golden Goose Award". He was invited to participate in the Canadian International Calligraphy Exhibition, Japan Calligraphy Exhibition, Toronto City Center special performances and other multi-cultural activities. At the same time, his work made great achievements. His publish includes the book "Siquan Poetry and Calligraphy” by Beijing International Culture Press 2006. His poetry collections include “Leisure Time Songs", "Outskirts of Scholar's Poetry", “Pine Valley Poems”, his seal cutting collection was named “Bugu Seal Collection" and others. Some of these works were collected by art museums and universities in Hongkong, Japan, Korea, and the United States.

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