6 months ago

Do you crave your daily fix of java and love trying exotic blends of your favorite beverage? Cox & Kings, The Americas does too, which is why we have created brand new journeys to travel the world over in search of the best coffee.

Whether you want to discover the world famous Caldas-Coffee Region of Colombia or experience a saffron coffee tasting in Laos, we can build a custom luxurious private journey to tickle the taste-buds of even the most discerning coffee aficionado.

Immerse yourself in some of the locales that comprise the Colombian Triangulo de Cafe and discover what goes into making the country's well balanced coffee. Begin your journey getting acclimated in Bogota before continuing on to dive into some of the country's best known coffee producing areas. In the Andes, explore the Cloud Forest with its dense vegetation and cloud cover. Tour the hills of Caldas, blanketed in growths of coffee, plantains, and yucca? Get familiar with towns in Salento and take a look into what life is like for the local producers as well as relaxing in towns that feel frozen in time.

Kenya offers an impressive array of natural wonders for visitors. Begin your journey around Nairobi with visits to the Giraffe Center, Utamaduni Craft Center, and Karen Blixen Coffee Garden. Next, tour the Karunguru Coffee Farm and learn about the process of coffee production in Kenya. The country is known for having excellent conditions for growing the beans. Enjoy a tasting at the farm. Finally, embark on multiple days of game viewing in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, taking the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest environmental diversity that Africa has to offer. Search for Africa's Big Five game animals: lion, leopard, buffalo, rhinoceros and elephant.

Get more than just a taste of the local culinary culture on this journey through Portugal. Start the exploration off in Lisbon with a walking tour of the city to find your feet. Once situated, take part in an extensive food tour of Lisbon, diving into the rich food and drink culture of the city. Travel out to the Acores archipelago to spend the evening dining and unwinding in a natural hot spring. Meet a local chef to learn about Furnas, a local stew traditionally cooked using natural heat from the island volcanoes. Tour a coffee plantation and learn how the beans turn to brew.

Get a taste for life in Rwanda with locally-grown food and coffee and cultural tours through Kigali followed by an immersive experience in Akagera National Park. Start in Kigali with some education about Rwanda's history, followed up with a traditional lunch and visit to a local market. Visit a coffee roaster and cafe to learn about both how your coffee gets to the table and the lives of the people who make it. After some time in the city, embark on a three day game drive and search for the local species such as elephant, buffalo, antelope, hippo, zebra and giraffe.

Vietnam & Laos
On this journey through Vietnam and Laos, cultural sightseeing meets with culinary experiences to give an intimate view of life in the cities. Start your journey in Hanoi, Vietnam. There, explore the country through important sites, traditional entertainment and local cuisine. Tour the old quarter and lake by cyclo (bicycle rickshaw) before taking in a traditional water puppet show and enjoy a Vietnamese coffee. In Luang Prabang, Laos, meet a specialist in the local form of whiskey making, visit a water buffalo cheese farm and see their coffee production process in action.

Discover Tanzania with coffee and wildlife on an expedition through the country. Begin your journey in Arusha, where there will be the opportunity to meet locals and enjoy a traditional meal to see what day to day life is like in the city. Explore a coffee plantation and learn about the process of coffee production from start to finish, seeing where the coffee beans are grown and harvested before a tasting. Next, journey to the Serengeti for multiple days in the park.


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