Green Mountain and White Waterfall:Chinese Scholar's Rocks - Laoshan Pyrochlore

4 months ago

Feature:Chinese scholar's rocks (1*) - Laoshan Pyrochlore (2*), size h,30cm.
Collector:Yu Ying
Source:Private collection
1* Chinese scholars' rocks, also known as scholar stones or viewing stones, are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are traditionally appreciated by Chinese scholars. Scholars rocks can be any color, and contrasting colors are not uncommon. The size of the stone can also be quite varied: scholars rocks can weigh either hundreds of pounds or less than one pound. Chinese scholar's rocks influenced the development of Korean suseok and Japanese suiseki.
2* Laoshan pyrochlore, produced in Laoshan, Qingdao, were most hidden in the intertidal coastline. Laoshan pyrochlore several hundred years of history, is one of China's largest decorative forms. Laoshan pyrochlore mineral name of the serpentine jade or jade abalone model, the main mineral composition of chlorite, magnesium, iron, silica, mixed with pyrophyllite, serpentine, amphibole, sericite, asbestos etc., fine texture, moisturizing glass, there is some transparency. Its colorful green tone, and green, green, green and green for high grade, the stone generally more complicated, dense, processed all round and profitable. Major decoration of its color crystallization, and texture, can be my colleagues in the hall, Jian thanks, but also can be made bonsai.


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