A 5.07ct Natural Mozambique Pigeon Blood Ruby

2 weeks ago

Lot No. :AAARS-R-190902
Grade:Natural Ruby* (GRS), untreated, brilliant, vivid to deep red.
Demensions: 11.88x960x4.46mm
Shape and Cutting Style:Oval
Carat Weight:5.07ct
Status:For sale
* Ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond. They word ruby comes from ruber, Latin for red. The color of a ruby is due to the element chromium. The quality of a ruby is determined by its color, cut, and clarity, which, along with carat weight, affect its value. The brightest and most valuable "red" called blood-red or "pigeon blood", commands a large premium over other rubies of similar quality. After color follows clarity: similar to diamonds, a clear stone will command a premium, but a ruby without any needle-like rutile inclusions may indicate that the stone has been treated. The world's most expensive ruby is the Sunrise Ruby.


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