Raku Space Rock Vase Form:A Raku Pottery Vase by Steven Forbes-deSoule

1 year ago

Lot No. :SF-190606
Artist:Steven Forbes-deSoule *
Overview:Contemporary art. Raku Pottery, size 15"H x 10"W. This brilliant raku pottery bottle is truly one of a kind. The glittering reds, yellows, blues and greens add a unique vibrancy that will light up any interior space. This flat top ceramic bottle was thrown on the potter's wheel and raku fired. Special homemade glazes were used to bring out the bottle's unique textures and reflective properties. A clear beaded glaze was used for texture over a sprayed underglaze for color.
Status:Sold out (Item is customizable)
* Steven Forbes-deSoule has been a professional ceramic artist for 35 years. For most of that time, he has focused on raku firing exclusively. He draws inspiration from the textures and colors of the mountain vistas near his home in Western North Carolina, and images of galaxies and the earth taken from outer space by satellites and the Hubble telescope. His work is featured in museum, corporate and private collections nationwide. Recently, he was selected to be part of “100 Southern Artists,” published by Schiffer Publishing Co.


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