Sunlight Streaming on Incense Stone Kindles a Violet Smoke:Chinese Scholar's Rocks - Sardonyx

1 year ago

Feature:Chinese scholar's rocks (1*) - Sardonyx (2*). "Sunlight streaming on Incense Stone kindles a violet smoke: Far off I watch the waterfall plunge to the long river, Flying waters descending straight three thousand feet, Till I think the Milky Way has tumbled from the ninth height of Heaven." by Li Bai
Collector:Zhou Changxing
Source:Private collection
1* Chinese scholars' rocks, also known as scholar stones or viewing stones, are naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are traditionally appreciated by Chinese scholars. Scholars rocks can be any color, and contrasting colors are not uncommon. The size of the stone can also be quite varied: scholars rocks can weigh either hundreds of pounds or less than one pound. Chinese scholar's rocks influenced the development of Korean suseok and Japanese suiseki.
2* Sardonyx is a chalcedony that it coloured black, red, brown and white. This cryptocrystalline quartz can be coloured with iron and carbon inclusions giving it the brown and black colouring. It is created in layers of the brown or red sard stone and the black, white or green onyx stone. This gives it a beautiful banded appearance. Sardonyx was a favourite gemstone in ancient times, popular not only because it was attractive, but also because it was widely available. Roman soldiers wore sardonyx talismans engraved with heroes such as Hercules or Mars, god of war. They believed that the stone would make the wearer as brave and daring as the figured carved on its face. During the Renaissance, sardonyx was believed to bring eloquence upon the wearer and was regarded with great value by public speakers and orators.


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