Imitation Tang Yin Painting:A Traditional Chinese Paintings by Pan Wenliang

1 year ago

Lot No. :NMDC-PWL-190607
Artist:Pan Wenliang(1*)
Overview:Contemporary art, traditional Chinese realistic painting(2*).
Source:Private collection (Item is customizable)
1* Pan Wenliang was born in 1971 in Nan'an, Fujian. He is currently the vice president of China Huaxiawanli Painting and Calligraphy Association, signing artist of Chinese celebrity artists, member of Hong Kong Artists Association, national first-class artist, and the supervisor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Program, deputy dean of the Shoubo Painting and Calligraphy Institute, deputy secretary-general of the first youth painting and calligraphy talent selection activities, and consultant of the French Federation of Calligraphers and Painters. He is good at painting, calligraphy, and create poetry. Over the years, Mr. Pan has been studying and creating a large number of paintings and calligraphy. On June 25, 2015, Pan Wenliang was interviewed by the China Education Channel of TV Station, "Chinese Ink Painting". In 2016, his eight birds and flowers were selected into the National Business Card era pioneer "Limited Edition Collector's Book" published by China Post and China International Philatelic Network "Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of Founding of the Communist Party of China", which was issued in 30,000 volumes.
2* Gongbi is a careful realist technique in Chinese painting, the opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive ‘sketching thoughts’ style.The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation. It is often highly colored and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects. In ancient times, writing, as well as painting, was done on silk. Calligraphy and painting were thought to be the purest forms of art. The implements were the brush pen made of animal hair, and black inks made from pine soot and animal glue.


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