The Haipai Stone Arts Culture’s Vientiane - Shanghai Hutai View Stone Artworks Exhibition 2018

5 months ago

Shanghai, referred to as “Hu” or “Shen”, is a Chinese financial center in the economy, transportation, technology, industry, finance, trade, exhibitions, and shipping. It's also the best, and first coastal open city. Shanghai is a national historical, and cultural city with a profound cultural heritage of modern cities, and numerous historical sites. The combination of Jiangnan Wuyue culture, and the western industrial culture formed Shanghai's unique Haipai culture, and the Shanghai viewing stone is an important branch, and performance of Shanghai culture.

The Haipai viewing stone culture is characterized by the promotion of tradition, elegance, common taste, exquisite, and inclusive. The Haipai viewing stone culture is based on the Shanghai culture, and has its own characteristics. It is also an important genre of contemporary viewing stone art.

Together, with a number of Shanghai viewing stone collectors, OGP has experienced the charm of the Haipai viewing stone Art.

“The Shanghai Contains Culture’s Vientiane - Shanghai Hutai View Stone Artworks Exhibition 2018" was unveiled from November 16th to 18th. It was organized by Shanghai Hutai Qi Stone Market, and Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association. Many famous stones gathered from all over China were sent to Shanghai, presenting the concept of viewing stone in different regions, and styles of the current stone world. At the same time, it also attracted the national viewing stone collectors to focus the Haipai viewing stone art.

Through the wide-ranging collections nationwide, careful evaluation, strict selection. All the collections in the boutique of the stone industry, are shown the influence of the "Haipai Viewing Stone" in the country. From the concept, service, and content of the exhibition, it presents an unforgettable, unique exhibition for the national stone community.

The Shanghai Hutai view stone artworks exhibition opened on November 16th. A large number of collectors gathered in the exhibition, who have great enthusiasm for the viewing stones. President Du Haiou of the Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association told OGP, that "The exhibition is not for the purpose of economic interests, and that it is a cultural communication and exchange."

After the opening ceremony was officially held at 6 pm. Mr. Du Haiou, Mr. Li Yansen, and Mr. Lu Maosen delivered speeches. President Du Haiou said: "The Shanghai stone collectors came from all corners of the country, and the viewing stone market is mainly supported by other provinces. For a long time, Shanghai viewing stone enthusiasts have been in many cultures, which blending viewing stone art, and insisting on collection can making friends. We have done some new operations on the basis of tradition, any rituals is similar, and simple, but all the exhibits are selected. Yesterday, today,and tomorrow, the interpretation of the culture, and art of the Haipai viewing stone is not only the artistic place of the Shanghainess to appreciate the stone culture, but also the place of the Chinese. This is The Haipai power. Enjoy your life, enjoy your collections, today we gathered here, we shall sharing the viewing stone art, Cheers!”

* By OGP Editors / Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors’ Association Provides File Photos


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