A Famille-rose Double-Gourd Vase

5 years ago

Lot No. :ZG-J-315
Centuries of Style:Qianlong Emperor * (1711 - 1799)
Feature:A double-gourd vase. Green-ground famille-rose *,porcelain of the Guan Yao (Chinese imperial porcelain)
Pattern:Lotus Scroll, bat, peach
Source:Private collection
* The Qianlong Emperor was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty (1644-1911) .
* A pair of Green-ground Famille-rose Double-Gourd Vase (Daoguang Emperor) was sold USD 2,587,500 at the Treasures From Imperial Daoguang Porcelain by Wutaishanren(I) on the 2011 Spring Auctions.


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