Sqwatch - Walnut Wooden Watch by Apache Pine

2 years ago

Lot No. :AP-SW-180517
Brand:Apache Pine*
Apache Pine products are made from renewable resources and resemble the beautiful places that their love. They are outdoor enthusiasts, striving to bring nature into our daily lives. Apache Pine is quality, imaginative design, and value. They believe in what they are doing and create every watch from each experience they have with nature. Just like the wood of every watch is unique, every one of Apache Pine's designs grows from their personal roots. "We strive to always innovate while never straying from what makes us who we are. Apache Pine is just like you; one of a kind, adventurous, and continually exploring the places we call home." They said.
Feature:The Sqwatch - Dark, handsome, and perfect for work, play, or a night on the town. This beautiful timepiece is ready to go anywhere.
- Stainless Steel Components: dependability and longevity
- Walnut Case: strong and sustainable
- Leather Band: comfortable and sexy
- 1 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Status:For sale


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