A Finest-Quality (Imperial Jade) Jadeite Necklace

2 years ago

Lot No. :CJF-R-180511
Feature:A jade. A 108 beads jadeite * necklace.
Jadeite dimensions:11mm-13.6mm/each bead.
Status:For sale
* Jadeite is one of the minerals recognized as the gemstone jade. The most highly valued colors of jadeite are the most intensely green, translucent varieties. The finest-quality jadeite almost transparent with a vibrant emerald-green color is known as “Imperial jade”. The price for fine-quality jadeite has risen dramatically along with China’s economic rise. Top-quality jadeite is rare. Vivid, sleek, and translucent, magnificent jadeite commands some of the highest prices among gems in today’s international market.


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