Fragment XLVIII: An Oil Painting by Mark Youd

2 months ago

Lot No. :MY-180608
Artist:Mark Youd*
Overview:Contemporary art. “Fragment XLVIII”, Oil on canvas, size 100x75cm. The Fragments series is experimental in both the use of materials and the abstraction of the portrait. Physical texture is achieved using a combination of heavy impasto techniques and vigorous destruction of the painted surface, stripped back with knives, wire brushes, sandpaper and solvent to reveal the finished painting. The portrait itself has been deconstructed, sometimes in an angular, geometric fashion, sometimes with a sense of fluidity. The face may not be immediately discernible, if at all, but searching for it should be visually exciting.
* Mark Youd is an artist working in Southerndown, near Cardiff on the South Wales coast. He trained as a draughtsman and, in parallel to a successful career as a designer and technical illustrator, he has developed his personal artistic practice, challenging the traditional approach to portraiture and to painting itself. His painting Fragment XIV has been awarded first prize in the Y Galeri Caerffili 2016 Open Art competition.
Mark uses paint intelligently and creatively, varying the surface textures and marks, building forms which oscillate between the novel and the familiar. The image moves in the viewer's mind from a pure exploration of oil and acrylic paint, into a more clearly understood organic form and into a fragmented human face, before the quality of the paint and its application return the viewer to an appreciation of the image's more abstract qualities. Of the three paintings by Mark Youd, Fragment XIV was the image the judges felt best demonstrated these qualities.


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