Two Calligraphies by Zou Guisheng

5 years ago

Lot No. :ZG-307
Artist:Zou Guisheng * (1962-)
Feature:Contemporary art, calligraphies《the timeless self-essence is reached》and《 two poetries》.
Source:Private collection
* Zou Guisheng was born in Lidu, Jiangxi in 1962. He graduated from Jiangxi Normal University. He is a member of China National Democratic Construction Association, China Fan Art Association, China Bangshu Art Association , and Jiangxi Calligraphers Association. He is also the Associate Dean at Renowned Artists - Art and Calligraphy Institute, and vice editor-in-chief at Zhonghe Culture Publishing. He was the creator of the certified Wansicao calligraphy style. His works have been collected by many, including the Great Hall of the People. He has presented in numerous calligraphy exhibitions, winning awards of distinction.


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