A Set of Finest-Quality Lavender Jadeite Banquet Jewelry

2 years ago

Lot No. :CJF-FLB-180409
Feature:A jade. A necklace, two earrings and a ring. Lavender jadeites*, finest-quality, 18k white gold and diamonds.
Jadeite dimensions:17.5x16.5x6mm(ring), the largest gems size 20.6x18.3x5mm(necklace), 12x11.5x6mm(earring)
Status:For sale
* Jadeite is one of the minerals recognized as the gemstone jade. Jadeite's color commonly ranges from white through pale apple green to deep jade green but can also be blue-green (like the recently rediscovered "Olmec Blue" jade), pink, lavender and a multitude of other rare colors. Chloromelanite is a very dark green to black variety. Color is largely affected by the presence of trace elements such as chromium and iron. Its translucence can be anywhere from entirely solid through opaque to almost clear.


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