To be Wealthy in Excess I:A Traditional Handmade Jade Carving Flower Decoration

4 months ago

Lot No. :YYDX-190813
Feature: "To be wealthy in excess I", Ancient Chinese sculpture art * , handmade. Flowers mean wealthy, fishes mean excess. Also, incidentally because the pronunciation of "余"(excess) is a homonym of "鱼"(fish), it is very common to see images of fish associated with the new year.
Status:For sale
* Ancient Chinese sculptures, the essence of ancient Chinese arts, have attained great achievements in different sculpture branches and different historical periods. They are rich in subject matter and diversified in style, presenting strong and vivid flavor of the country as well as the age. For instance, the sculptures in the Qin and Han Dynasties are rough and sturdy, the sculptures in the Wei and Jin Dynasties are vigorous and graceful, and the sculptures in Tang and Song Dynasties are rich and elegant. The ancient Chinese sculptures are also full of expressionistic spirit. They are not accustomed to the surface work or the details, but stress on the feeling and artistic conception implied by the imagination-triggering image, which is able to lead people to another artistic world.


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