The Lotus:An Acrylic Painting by Ursula Kofahl Lampron

3 years ago

Lot No. :UKL-170919
Artist:Ursula Kofahl Lampron *
Overview:Contemporary art. "The Lotus", size 15" X 15" X 5",Acrylique
Status: POA
* Ursula Kofahl Lampron was born in Hamburg, Germany, one year after World War II ended. In 1951 she immigrated with her parents and her older sister to the United States. It was there at the age of five that Ursula received her first pencil and crayons. With them she drew her first horse and so began a passion that continues to this very day, art and horses. In 1986, her husband bought a farm in the lovely Richelieu Valley. The acquisition of the farm and horses opened up a window for her to study first-hand the noble beauty of these creatures. In 2000, Ursula returned to the University of Concordia, Montreal, to continue her studies and work towards her Bachelor of Arts Degree.
During her studies at Concordia University she had the opportunity to study with Francoise Sullivan, co-signer, with Paul Emile Borduas, of the “Refus Global”. This important historical document and cultural event in Quebec changed forever the face of art when it proclaimed the right to artistic freedom of expression. It was Francoise Sullivan who impressed upon Ursula the importance of color, composition and the application of the paint. Her studies with Francoise ingrained a deep respect for abstraction. Ursula also studied with Laurent Bonet, son of Jordi Bonet, well know Spanish artist and an important influence in Canadian art. Laurent taught her the techniques of the old masters and with another Canadian artist, Tania Lebedeff, she learned the importance of gestural spontaneity and creative integrity. Ursula also studied terra cotta sculpturing with ceramicist Ginet Rioux. Among her most recent accomplishments, Ursula was invited to expose her horse sculptures at The Louvre, Le Carousel, Paris, in December 2007. In 2011 she was given the honorary title of Maître en Beaux-arts with the Académie Internationale des Beauxs Arts du Quebec.


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