'The Lily Pond' and 'When Blooming':Two Traditional Chinese Realistic Paintings by YANG Guobiao

10 months ago

Lot No. :YANG-YGB-170912
Artist:YANG Guobiao (1*)
Overview:Contemporary art,Gongbi (2*) (Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting)
Status:Sold out (Item is customizable)
1* YANG Guobiao was born in December 1969. He is a councillor of Gongbi Painting Association of Anhui Province, and a member at the China Gonbi Painting Association and the Artists Association of Anhui Province, as well as a professional artist at the Huainan Art Academy. He specializes in gongbi-style flowers, birds, and portraits. He has been mentored by professors LIU Changming, LI Chuanyu, LI Kuizheng, HU Mingze, LI Xiang, JIA Guangjian, TANG Xiuling, and many others. His artworks have been showcased in exhibitions over 50 times by the Chinese Artists Association, and has won over 30 awards. His artworks have been published by numerous media (i.e. newspapers and magazines), as well as influential art collection books.
2* Gongbi is a careful realist technique in Chinese painting, the opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive ‘sketching thoughts’ style.The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely and without independent or expressive variation.It is often highly colored and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects.


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