Waves I:An Original Abstract Painting by Irini Karpikioti

3 years ago

Lot No. :IK-170705
Artist:Irini Karpikioti *
Overview:Contemporary art. "Waves I", 270 x 100 x 3.5 cm. Abstract Art. Original Oil Painting, Acrylic Paint, Gloss Varnish, Canvas on Wooden Frame
Status: For sale
* Irini Karpikioti is a professional artist. She lives in Athens. Karpikioti strives to create beautiful paintings for every style,always with an intense personal element which stands out due to the continuous research and manifestation of contemporary styles and directions. Her paintings are bathed in the light of colors and the impression given is one of familiarity and idealism. Visual stimuli are created but also stimuli for the soul. Every painting becomes the voice of an inner impulse expressed via a new, creative breath and an infinite sea of emotion. She has received awards as well as favourable comments in the press. Many paintings of hers adorn private collections in Greece and other countries in Europe and America.


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