1 year ago

René Vlasblom was born in 1955 and raised in Rotterdam. As a boy he came in contact with jewellery making during crafts lesson at school. Silver thread with enamelled copper to be exact and that is where his dream to become a goldsmith began. Soon, he went to work at home and his homemade jewellery were worn not only by himself but also by family and friends. Apart from a very great enthusiasm he also had the talent to actually be a goldsmith! He attended professional training in Schoonhoven and at the Art Academy. His career is a childhood dream that turned him into an established artist/goldsmith. He likes to use precious metals along with precious stones to shape his designs. His unique artistic creations show a great sense of beauty and perfection and witnesses of craftsmanship and originality. Gems that not only make the heart of the wearer beat faster but also make René´s heart beat faster. A thoroughbred artist!


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