Partnership Agreement with Fmart

4 years ago

Fmart is a subsidiary of Shanghai Vegetables Ltd., a national business with over 50 years of experience in providing healthy agricultural produce to consumers. It is a multi-industry corporation, tapping into hotel services, transportation, and others. In 2010, the company agricultural wholesale reached 3.7 million tons, accumulating a revenue of 16 billion yuan. It is a major competitor in the Shanghai market, where its agricultural wholesale was approximately 80% of the city’s total consumption at 2.57 million tons. The company has advanced itself by introducing an online platform to improve customer selection and satisfaction. All produce sold are qualified under food inspection policies, and origins of all produce could be traced. Fmart selects the best produce within the country to promote to their consumers. The native Yunnan produce are one of them.


For more information, visit National Yun Nan Traditional Food Exploration and Promotion Association