Plum blossom, Orchid Bamboo and Chrysanthemum: Four Silk Paintings with Chinese Embroidery

3 years ago

Lot No. :XZG-SX-FS-170829
Feature:Handicraft, Suzhou* embroidery
Embroidery Size:35x35cm, total 52x52 cm
Status:For sale
* Suzhou embroidery is fine handicrafts with Chinese characteristics, Chinese excellent national traditional process. This product is the suzhou embroidery double-sided embroidery. Round fan is also called palace fan, round silk fan. Chinese han nationality traditional arts and crafts and art. Is a kind of round with handle of the fan. Round fan originated in China. The fan first appeared in shang dynasty in China, with coloured pheasant, hair is called "disabled". At that time, the fan is not used to take the cold wind, but as the king head out to patrol shading wind ShaZhiYong avoidance. After the western han dynasty in China, fans began to get cold. When the eastern han dynasty in China, mostly to feather fan for silk, silk fabrics, such as where to ornament embroidery painting. The moon shaped fan called "round silk fan" or "round fan", also called the "fan". Is a kind of round with handle of the fan. Have fans have oval shape, sunflower, plum blossom shape and hexagonal shape, plaque round shape; There are materials such as wood, bamboo, bone do handle; There are ShanZhui, tassel, jade pendant. Fan handle is not long. The borders and the handle is made with bamboo, sectoral bankcard with white silk, painting landscape number crunchers, painting of flowers and grasses, etc. Delicate elegance has the very high aesthetic value.


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