National Traditional Food Mall Introduces Yunnan foods - Interview with Qian YU from East TV

4 years ago

In order to enter the National Traditional Food Mall, Yunnan agricultural produce must meet the market demand. The agricultural production became standardized to meet the quality standards, including the use of technology to in enhancing the food production processes to meet the urban hygiene standards and improved packaging and storage. Qian YU from East TV will be telling us about this standardized production of agricultural products in Yunnan.

What were the main areas of improvement?
YU: As a Shanghai resident, the National Traditional Food Mall located at No. 483 to 495 on Huaihaizhong Road have a story to tell. Here, there are famous native goods from around the country. Most recently, Yunnan agricultural products have opened an individual counter here, serving their specialty foods, including ham sauce, bean curd, matsutake chili sauce, matsutake mushrooms, red rice, tea, and etc. To meet the public demand of the Shanghai residence, the industrial processes have been standardized. The Association in Yunnan provides us with excellent raw produce, and the rest of the production process are completed in Shanghai. As we can see here, most of these products have been packed so they are easy to carry and to store. The images on the packaging also tell the stories of individual ethnic groups - places where these produce were grown.Currently, Yunnan plans to produce 3 products for each ethnic group. As we all know, there are 28 ethnic groups in Yunnan, which makes it over 100 products! Tastes of certain products, such as salt and soy sauce, might be altered slightly to cater to the taste buds of Shanghai people, while meeting market standards. In addition, these products are also sold in various supermarkets in Shanghai. Prices are what consumers care ago, however, they are not considered expensive. For instance, the ham chili sauce which sells relatively well costs around 15 yuan each, which is an acceptable price for the people. Furthermore, products like tea leaves are also present. For instance, the pu-erh tea from Shouxiangfang brand costs 800 yuan per 357 grams. Wuyi green tea is also a high-end Yunnan tea, costing around 50 yuan per 30 grams. Others such as tofu sheets, Xuanwei ham, Mengzi guava, honey, walnuts, dried meat, are currently sold exclusively online. The selection is huge. This was the first time Yunnan traditional produce has been made available locally, as previously it could only be purchased on site when there were events like “farmer’s markets” in Shanghai. The online ordering process ensures that the produce bought is always the freshes, as it is directly mailed from Yunnan when it’s in season.

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For more information, visit National Yun Nan Traditional Food Exploration and Promotion Association