FROM Guillaume

Follow the money

3 years ago

This painting, like the other works of Guillaume, can be best described as surreal or magic realistic. For this painting, Guillaume used a few symbols; the dragon, the fish, coins and the dog. For Guillaume painting is mostly about looking in a different way, which he tries to achieve in a variety of ways; by the use of the material, by using or omitting frames and, of course, by the choice of colours. And then sometimes something so new or surprising occurs that you don’t want to let it go, you want to preserve it and experience it again.

In astrology, the dog stands for vigilance / obedience; uninvited guests are chased.

The dragon represents influence; it glides with graceful waves through the clouds and tries to make a stunning impression. The dragon is traditionally a symbol of luck; it represents the cosmic energy Yang and the supernatural forces of growth and recovery. In the western culture the dragon is a symbol of fear and destructive power.

The fish is a symbol of abundance and it is the oldest known animal symbol on Chinese ceramics. The fish is, among others, a symbol of fertility. Common carp are symbols for success in business. The characters on the platter stand for friendship and happiness.

The coins (money) are one of the main themes in the traditional and modern society's material wealth. One way to reinforce that desire is displaying coins. The Eight Trigrams are pictured on the largest coin. By combining these eight together, sixty-four hexagrams are created. These underlie a comprehensive explanation system, the basis of traditional Chinese medicine and science.

In December 2014, Follow the money was awarded the Biennial Paris award at the Hotel Banke in Paris, France.

Painting made of professional printing ink and oil paint combined on pure paperboard.
Sizes: 70 x 90 cm (passe partout included)


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