Angelic Blues (2015)

4 years ago

40x28" (123x71cm) photographic mixed process - ultraviolet curable inkjet to archival paper - 1 / 1 - unframed

Stephen Calhoun, born 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio USA, is a self-taught artist working in a variety of modalities, most prominently photography, mixed process photography, and generative art. His use of technology counts him as a digital artist since 2003. His recent work is centered on applying geometric iterations and mirror symmetries to source images. Often the source materials are a still life he constructs in his outdoor or indoor studio.

"I conduct ensembles of materials made up of combinations of flowers, dried leaves, figurines, and found objects. I photograph these set-ups to be shaped into mirror symmetries. Next I apply technological processes to alter slightly, or greatly, the original image. My sensibility is through-and-through experimental, musical and improvisatory."

Each art work poses a question. It is up to the sensitive viewer to answer it anyway they wish to. The pieces exist to evoke seeking.

His work is at once abstract and archetypal and timeless.


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