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"Reshaping - Masaru Takanashi Stone Works" Exhibition

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Sun, Sep 15 @ 10 : 00 am - Thu, Oct 24 @ 4 : 00 pm
Suite 703, 33 Sichuan Middle Road, 外滩黄浦区上海市中国

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Location:AroundSpace Gallery
Dates:2019-9-15 through 2019-10-24


Viewing stone is a work of art created by nature. Every piece a natural wonder that has a grand view, and magic of the world. Viewing stones are naturally formed, untreated, and permanent. The world does not have exactly the same viewing stone, so for thousands of years, it has been given deep connotation by the literati class, and more spiritual sustenance. Viewing stone represents the inner thought and spirit of Chinese scholars. It is a comprehensive reflection of traditional aesthetics, morality, culture, and art.

It ranked Lingbi Stone high among all types of Chinese scholars' rocks, because Lingbi Stone has been considered as the symbol of Confucian ritual, the desktop decoration of the elites' study and the passage that links the literati's inner mind and the cosmos, but never as an individual artwork to be appreciated in its own right. Mr. Masaru Takanashi is an expert in Chinese scholars' rock. With the knowledge of scholars' rock's thousand-year history, he has published a number of studies and catalogs on the topic. In his Classical Chinese Stones, he thoroughly explored and meticulously discussed the scholars' rocks' shape and texture, original production locations, aesthetics styles, text and image documentation, as well as the technic details such as the carving and coloring process and the making of the stand. Having a deep understanding of its Chinese culture context, he turned to western contemporary art, especially contemporary sculpture for reference and inspiration. He has studied the role stones played in the art of Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi and Isamu Noguchi, and created a unique body of works that is impossible to categorize by traditional medium, which we called stone works.

The success of an artwork is primarily defined by its creator's artistic choice and judgment.

Although precious Lingbi Stone has its nature beauty, it is the artist's intervention that consciously constructs and creates beauty in art history. In these works, Masaru Takanashi broke the convention "admiring the nature" that guided the appreciation of Chinese scholars' rock for centuries, and reshaped the contemporary audience's appreciation of Lingbi Stone. What he truly tried to reshape is the habit of appreciating art, to free Chinese audiences from the conventional and stagnant habit of appreciating scholars' rock and to enable them appreciate contemporary art properly and to embrace the zeitgeist of our time.

Event Descriptions:
- “Reshaping - Masaru Takanashi Stone Works Exhibition”is Mr. Masaru Takanashi's first solo exhibition in China. It showcases eighteen pieces of three-dimensional installation work made of one type of Chinese scholars' rocks, the Lingbi Stone.
- Mr. Masaru Takanashi’s new book “Chinese Tone Apprecation Deserves a Cut” has been released. The time for signing is in the CANS Teahouse on Sept 21st at 16:30-17:00 pm.

* Thanks for Shanghai Viewing Stone Collectors' Association / AroundSpace Gallery / CANS Teahouse Provides File Photos.

33 Sichuan Middle Road, 外滩黄浦区上海市中国