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The Ultimate in Glitz - Collectors' Gems Pre-order

Category: Fashion

Mon, Jul 31 @ 2 : 00 pm - 5 : 00 pm
8500 Leslie Street, Markham, ON, Canada

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Treasure Cove

Gems are the ultimate in glitz and have been described as fragments of stars, or like tears of the gods.

People collect all kinds of things, from the sublime to the banal. A natural gemstone is a mineral, stone, or organic matter that can be cut and polished for use as jewellery and other ornament, or collected.There are over 2000 gemstones in the world, but less than 50 are used regularly in the jewellery trade. Whatever the definition of the collection, the collector is always aiming for the nirvana of completeness.

Some high-end collectors prefer to specialize in one type of highly sought fine gemstones like Colombian emeralds, unheated Burmese rubies, or Kashmir sapphires. Another option would be to collect a full rainbow of gems in one species, including one each of the stones that come in a wide variety of colors, like spinel, tourmaline, garnet, or sapphire. You might want to focus exclusively on pink spinel or tsavorite garnet and collect as many shades as possible of that one color. Another unusual approach would be to collect one of every birthstone, stones that are found only in your state or the United States, or all of the Biblical stones.

An expert collector or perhaps one with a more generous budget might expand their collection to include stones that, while often equal in rarity to some others, may have unusual features that add to their value, such as favored provenance or high demand supported by literally hundreds of years of continuous popularity. Such stones include those known as "the big three": ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

Top gems --intense blazing color--extraordinary color, clarity, and cutting -- are eminently collectible due to it being recognized around the world in all types of markets, by collectors, fine high-end jewelers, and gems connoisseurs everywhere--as an important gemstone. That kind of recognition and demand drives the desire and the price, making unheated gemstone one of the rare stones that continually grow in value.

Whenever your budget allows, buy.

Event Description:
- “The Ultimate in Glitz - Collectors' Gems Pre-order Salon” is an gathering providing the opportunity for members to connect with fellow collectors' resources, as well as to network for potential business partnerships and investment opportunities.
- There will be 11 variety of gemstones. Such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, tourmalines…
- All gems will be from 18ct to 600ct, 100% certified natural gems, and the richer the colour, the higher the purity.
- We provides absolute 100% privacy for you.
- Refreshments and unlimited drinks will be provided.

Please Be Advised:
1. Maximum quota is15 business members; reservation will be based on a first come first serve basis.
2. A reservation must be made in advance.
3. Safety and security will be ensured throughout the duration of this event. They do not extend to once you leave the venue. Please take care of your personal belongings and valuables.
4. The reservation deadline is 3 days prior to the event. If you cannot attend the event for any reason after making a reservation, please cancel in advance.

8500 Leslie Street, Markham, ON, Canada