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We offer a full range of jewellery of creating the right piece for you. Just as we always have we still endeavor to retain the quality and high standard of customer service expected from loyal customers past and present. With a precious range of handcrafted pieces we sell to more than 100 countries.

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Lot No. :CJF-RNE-429-GZ999 Feature:A jade. 24 Imperial jade jadeites *. It's the most highly valued colors of jadeite are the ...
Lot No. :CJF-P-428-FZ087 Feature:A jade. 17 green jadeites * Jadeite dimensions:6.1x5.2x2.8mm (lager),3.7x3.5x2.2mm (small) Status:...
Lot No. :CJF-R-426-SZ134 Feature:A jade. Green jadeite * Jadeite dimensions:22.5x20.5x3.3mm Status:Sold out * Jadeite is one ...